A message of hope from the angels, Lorna Byrne

A message of hope from the angels

Lorna Byrne

Kaunokirjallisuus ja runot, Muut
Englanti, 2012
Coronet books

From the internationally bestselling author of Angels in my Hair comes the Sunday Times Number One bestseller with messages of hope for you. In A Message of Hope from the Angels Irish mystic Lorna Byrne brings a vital, urgent communication from above for these challenging times. 'The Angel told me, 'Hope makes the impossible possible Lorna sees angels with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she speaks to them every day. In the past Lorna has talked about her life, and how the angels prepared her to deliver a message to the world. This book contains her message of hope, and this message is for you. She writes about how she sees angels helping people when they are feeling tired, helpless, depressed, unloved, inadequate as a parent, struggling financially or simply too busy. In A Message of Hope from the Angels Lorna tells in a simple and direct way how you can call on this help to make your life better and happier. THIS CHRISTMAS EDITION CONTAINS NEW MESSAGES.

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