Crescent Dawn, Clive Cussler

Crescent Dawn

Clive Cussler Dirk Cussler

Kaunokirjallisuus ja runot
Englanti, 2010
Penguin Books

An ancient cargo long thought lost is found. With terrible consequences . . . . Dirk Pitt is surveying in the Middle East when a stroke of luck reveals an Ottoman wreck with a very curious cargo. While investigating the find, he foils a night raid on Istanbul's Topkapi Palace Museum. This puts Pitt at the centre of a race to acquire a series of legendary artefacts. Meanwhile, the region is being pushed to the brink of war by a series of explosions across Turkey and Egypt. Finding that his search for the artefacts is linked to the attacks, Pitt must prevent a deranged brother and sister's fanatical plans from succeeding . . . Packed with breathtaking suspense and fired by an extraordinary imagination, Crescent Dawnis a barnstorming read for all fans of action, suspense and intrigue. 'Cussler is hard to beat' Daily Mail 'The guy I read' Tom Clancy

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