Operation ocean emerald, Ilkka Remes

Operation ocean emerald

Ilkka Remes

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Luke Baron adventure
Englanti, 2010
Anderson Press

The Ocean Emerald is a floating luxury palace. A cruise ship carrying 1,000 wealthy passengers. And a sitting target for terrorists... 14-year-old Luke Baron isn't supposed to be there in the first place. He only boards the Emerald to return a lost passport, hoping for a finder's fee and a glimpse of the ship. But before he knows it, he's upset the plans of a brutal criminal gang onboard, and is taken captive. As the ship sails across the stormy Baltic towards certain Hell, will Luke be able to escape and save the terrified passengers around him? Or are they fast travelling to their doom?

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Baron Luke, fikt, terrorismi, kaappaukset, laivat, risteilyt, neuvokkuus, pojat, panttivangit, Itämeri.