Second coming of Christ : years 2012-2025 and transition to the new epoch, Matti Ylén

Second coming of Christ

Years 2012-2025 and transition to the new epoch

Matti Ylén

Muut, Uskonnot
Englanti, 2008
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The aim of this book is to clarify the spiritual fact that mankind is about to arrive at the beginning of the new epoch in its evolution directed from the spiritual world. The new era that mankind in destined to enter requires for its spiritual developmental objectives to take a great step towards broadening of consciousness regarding its morality, self-knowledge, and the deepening of the understanding of reality. Second Coming of Christ is being focused on the crossover of the present epoch into the new one so as to yield preconditions for developing such a consciousness required by the new era. There are many prophecies made for the year 2012 and for the times following that delineate a vision of vast upheavals and changes or even total annihilation of life on our planet. The author argues that the severity of the changes, upheavals, and crises faced by mankind are dependent upon how human beings understand and are capable of collaborating with this purpose from the spiritual world affecting behind the outer scenes during the time of the transfer.

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