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Competition policy, Foreign trade, International trade, Kansainvälinen kauppa, Kilpailupolitiikka, Ulkomaankauppa, kansainvälinen kauppa, kilpailu, kilpailupolitiikka, ulkomaankauppa.

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Quality change and competitiveness in international trade94
Reijo Helle 60 vuotta77
Eero Artto 60 vuotta70
Kyläkaupan kuolema ja eloonjääminen : valiokoituminen lopettavaksi tai jatkavaksi myymäläksi maaseudun päivittäistavarakaupassa63
Rahoitustuki yrityksen investointiprosessissa61
Rahoituspäätösten markkinaperusteinen informaatiomekanismi : a market based approach44
Osakkeen kassaperusteinen arvonmääritys43
Structural determinants of the budgeting process : an approach with application to Finnish firms37
Yrityksen strategiasuunnittelu systeeminä ja prosessina33
Inflaatiovaraus : tutkimus inflaation vaikutuksesta ansaintataloudellisen yrityksen jakokelpoiseen voittoon = Inflation reserve : an enquiry into the influence of inflation on the distributable profit of a firm24


Farewell to bureaucracy : Technical Research Centre of Finland as a pathfinder in management change95
Assessment and coordination of manufacturing capabilities : case studies in Finnish corporations91
Multiple criteria decision aid for the strategic management of flexible manufacturing90
Strategic choice and performance in the securities intermediation industry : an empirical analysis of strategic groups in Scandinavia89
Success of information systems : evaluation of development projects and the choice of procurement and implementation strategies88
Innovative behavior and organizational slack of a firm : a case study on the development of production technology in a Finnish clothing firm87
Econometric analyses of intra-industry trade : evidence from Finnish cross-sectional data86
Three essays on initial public offerings85
Local characterization of efficient solutions in interactive multiple objektive linear programming84
Steering of foreign subsidiaries : an analysis of steering system development in six Finnish companies82
Cultural change in a business enterprise : studying a major organizational change and its impact on culture80
Essays on corporate capital structure decisions79
Effectiveness of report format and aggregation : an approach matshing task characteristics and the nature of formats76
Labor flows in the corporate context : a case study of the managerial use of human resources and employee mobility75
Consumer price perception and preferences : a reference price model of brand evaluation and a conjoint analysis of price utility structures73
On the information content of accrual-based and cash-based accounting income numbers : their ability to predict investment risk69
The formation of resource allocation strategy of the firm and the underlying performance related mechanisms : an empiral study of Finnish consumer goods trade68
Entrepreneurs' strategic orientation : modeling strategic behavior in small industrial owner-managed firms64
Export credit competition : a study of officially supported export credits and credit subsidies59
The time series properties of accrual versus cash-based income variables : empirical evidence from listed Finnish firms58
Corporate control and parent firms' liability for their controlled foreign subsidiaries : a study on the regulation of corporate conduct57
Base companies in multinational corporate structures : a comparative study of anti avoidance legislation and its impact on investment location and competitiveness56
Implementing model-oriented decision support systems53
A tribute to Aarni Nyberg on his 60th birthday52
Essays on financial economics51
A tribute to Arvi Leponiemi on his 60th birthday48
Cyclical adjustment of hours and employment : an optimal control approach to the behaviour of the firm46
Tensions in management : a study of managerial work processes and firm performance45
Location strategy and patterns : an empirical investigation of the Soviet pulp and paper industry42
Strategy and performance of a firm : an empirical investigation in the knitwear industry in Finland 1969-198141
Credit rationing, unemployment and economic policies : disequilibrium models of industrialized economies with underdeveloped financial markets38
Consumption style and way of life : an empitical identification and explanation of consumption style dimensions27
Stock prices, information and the efficiency of the Finnish stock market : empirical tests23
Multiple criteria decision making : with empirical study on choice of marketing strategies22
Determinats of labour turnover in a firm21
A dynamic model of interrelated demand for capital and labour : a theoretical model with an application to time-series cross-section data for Finnish breweries in 1954-197220
The investment process in Finnish industrial enterprises : a study of the capital investment planning and control process in the fifty largest Finnish industrial enterprises16
Interactive multiple criteria decision methods : an investigation and an approach14
Joint determination of trade, production and financial flows in the multinational firm assuming risky currency exchange rates : a two-stage linear programming model building approach11