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Essays on bank screening and market power in loan markets182
Political elite's ideology, economic policy and regional economic development in Ghana176
Essays in the economics of knowledge; innovation, collaboration, and organizational complementaries175
Cooperation and conflicts in high seas fisheries172
Capital gains taxation and realization behaviour: evidence from Finnish panel data168
Information technology enabled change : dramatic improvement and perceived success167
The microeconomics of innovation: oligopoly theoretic analyses with applications to banking and patenting166
Managerial and organisational mechanism for corporate failure : Ekomen group case165
Essays on dividends and taxes164
Sales channel strategies for international expansion : the case of large companies in the European PC industry163
Discretionary disclosure and external financing : evidence from a relationship financing environment161
Centralized cost and risk management in a diversified portfolio of contract guarantees157
Corporate borrowing patterns with bank equity ownership156
Multinational companies as learning and evolving systems : a multiple-case study of knowledge-intensive service companies. An application of autopoiesis theory154
Trough the ranks, slowly : studies on organizational reforms and gender in banking152
International technology transfer control : a case study of joint ventures in developing countries151
The determinants of foreign direct investment operations of Finnish MNCs in transition economies 1990-1995150
Towards a rediscovery of organizational politics : essays on organizational integration following mergers and acquisitions149
Dynamic behaviour of the firm under dual income taxation148
Three essays on the Finnish fixed income markets146
The embedded firm? : prelude for a revived geography of enterprise143
Redesign of public sector organiozations and operating processes142
Efficient governance of interorganizational business relationships141
Expatriate experience and career : studies on cross-cultural transfers, modern ordering and the limits of career management in multinational corporations139
Division of service and business processes132
On the regulation of pollution and polluters' long-term compliance strategies129
The term structure of interest rates and fixed income securities126
The transmission and effects of monetary fluctuations under intraindustry trade125
The breakthrough of Nokia mobile phones122
Valuing banks and fixed income instruments119
Knowledge creation of multinational corporations : knowledge creation through action115
Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital advantage113
A stochastic optimization model for multi-currency bond portfolio management111
Post-acquisition performance : compination, management and performance measurement in horizontal integration109
Rise and fall of national forestry network in postwar Finland105
Marketing information systems : concepts, usage and effectiveness103
Social movements in management : making a technological leap in the case of the Anjala paper mill100
Competitive behavior of a firm : environment, competitive strategy and competitive advantage in the Finnish clothing industry99
Transformation beyond skill : a process of new capabilities development in a trading company96